Foundations and building blocks of the future quantum solutions (>10 years)

Due to its inherent complexity, the revolutionary impact of quantum technologies in our world will be the product of a long-term coordinated effort.

For this eventuality, it is of vital importance to work today towards a solid theoretical foundation of the quantum applications, deepening our experimental understanding of the implementation and control of the quantum elements that will be necessary for applications such as the general-purpose quantum computer or the quantum internet. This is similar to the revolution that produced the transistor in relation to the ENIAC computers of the 1940s.

Activities at ICFO addressing 10 years from now

Certification of quantum devices

The tools created for the certification of the quantum devices are expected to become a gold standard for the standardization and quality control of such devices.

The Quantum Internet

In order to achieve the deployment of the quantum internet it will be necessary to put in place several essential parts the technology which is being carefully scrutinized and investigated at ICFO.

  • Quantum networks.
  • Quantum repeaters for long distance quantum communications.
  • Encryption and communication protocols and systems (like DI-QKD and QRNG).

Quantum computers

ICFO is presently at the forefront of the research on the essential elements both theoretical and experimental for the achievement of an universal quantum computer.

  • Quantum information schemes an algorithms
  • Nano-photonic implementations (the transistor of the future q-computer).
  • Multipole quantum memories.
  • Quantum information processing with:
    • Quantum optics with graphene
    • Quantum nano-optomechanics with levitating nano-objects.

ICFO carries out world leading activities in q-simulators:

  • For improving our understanding of magnetism, superconductors, exotic materials
  • Design of novel types and kinds of quantum simulators for models of high energy physics, super-strong laser fields, atto-second physics and physics of ultrafast phenomena.