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Quantum discoveries at ICFO are at the very forefront of today’s research on quantum technologies. While some have marketable applications right now, or are clearly being fine-tuned for next generation applications, many more are laying the foundations for disruptive applications that will have transformational effects on society which are only now starting to be fathomed.

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The theory of quantum mechanics was developed at the beginning of the XX century. Since, then, quantum mechanics has radically changed our understanding of Nature, forcing scientists to adopt a new approach to describe the physical world at a more fundamental level.

Quantum mechanics changes our vision of the world, by introducing principles such as superposition and entanglement that may seem weird and paradoxical at first sight yet promise revolutionary advances for new quantum industries. ICFO researchers are at the forefront of a growing scientific community that is working to understand and harness the power of these paradoxes to transform them into new quantum technologies and applications with far reaching benefits for society.

Some of ICFO’s landmark discoveries are in today’s cutting edge applications in fields as diverse as secure communications, health, material processing and personal devices. ICFO is at the forefront of advances that will bring Next-Generation applications, such as hacker proof communication, more powerful simulation devices, and storage of data and ultra-sensitive sensors to society. The disruptive technologies of the future remain to be fully conceptualized, but will be built on ICFO researchers’ groundbreaking advances in quantum theory and quantum protocols.

The ongoing research in quantum technologies provides society with key ideas and results that are contributing to building safer, faster, more sensitive and smarter devices, products and protocols.