Technological breakthroughs for the next generation quantum applications (5-10 years)

Includes the cutting edge research into the understanding, control and manipulation of quantum phenomena that will be necessary to introduce the next generation of quantum devices and systems.

This next generation should represent the corner stone of the adoption of quantum solutions in our everyday life.

Activities at ICFO addressing 5-10 years from now

Photonic chip integrated QRNG for mobile security

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Device-independent Quantum Key Distribution (DI-QKD)

  • ICFO’s ultra low latency QRNG is expected to become an essential element of the first generation DI-QKD systems for actual communication.
  • DI-QKD protocols for the first generation DI-QKD systems.

Sub-shot noise atomic sensors

Quantum-enhanced interferometry for gravitational waves, medical imaging, GPS and aviation.

2-dimensional materials and single quantum optical emitters

For quantum information processing.

Electrical sensing of single electron spin

For on chip integration of electronic readout of q-bits. Energy harvesting and biosensing.

Ultra sensitive nano-optomechanic systems

For position measurements and miniature biological, chemical and physical sensors. Inertial mass sensing.

Quantum resources for super-classical resolution

In sensing applications.

Graphene plasmon based single photon non-linear devices

For ultra-low power and on-chip scale devices.

Carbon nanotubes mechanical resonators

For individual nuclear spin imaging and MRI. Mass spectrometers and proteomics.

Levitating nano-objects in vacuum

For ultra-sensitive force field detectors.

Quantum simulators of many-body systems

ICFO is a world leading center in the theory of quantum simulators, proposing key models for simulation, suitable systems for implementing them, and analyzing and exploiting their results.

Experimental quantum simulators with ultracold quantum gases

To understand complex and novel materials or quantum chemistry.

Next generation of devices. Quantum Repeaters

In order to implement long distance quantum communication schemes and to realise, for example, the quantum secure link between two cities, the use of quantum repeaters will be essential in order to allow for the propagation of the information in a relay fashion. ICFO is pioneering the research and development of the essential elements for quantum repeaters:

  • Quantum light sources, conceived to interface properly with quantum memories. Including the brightest and highest fidelity entangled photon sources to date.
  • Quantum frequency converters to guarantee the seamless connection between the light used in the quantum memories and that needed for the transport of information in standard optic fibers.
  • Quantum memories, to allow for a proper relay action of the repeater.

Certification of quantum devices

In order to standardize the use of quantum devices it will be necessary to guarantee its correct “quantum functioning”. ICFO aim’s to provide tools to certify quantum functioning and to prove the advantage of the quantum devices with respect to their classical counterparts.